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Serj Ety’n

I am a self-educated graphic artist enthusiast who decided to use visual art to communicate. My art is based to fill the void of representativeness of Afro in the field of graphic design. It is my little stone to overcome this lack. Many black personalities are beginning to impose themselves in the multimedia world but when it comes to the field of Afro-Graphic Design few artists manage to make it known and have great notoriety. Graphic art is a passion that has also become an identity claim and I am very proud of it. I did not go to fine art or communication school, it is my curiosity, my open-mindedness, and the boundless artistic sense that allowed me to create more than 300 artworks since 2015. I acquired all my technical skills associated with graphic design using all the specialized open-source software made available by graphic designers. I also acquired a good knowledge of manufacturing and printing processes. Reaching my goals was not an easy time, but the desire to know, and learn, and the relentless desire to overcome all obstacles to my creation, and personal development, and create my own artistic style.

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