Every day must be a day of kindness, here is an eternal gift that I gave to you with pure sincerity that will provide you with extensively joy and happiness

last hope

It’s never too late to give if we want to receive, we put what we have to offer, for sure this gift will not be refused

intimate secret

cubis image woman

Beauty is what we possess from within. Showing it to the world is the best thing there is. So the world becomes aware that they too have it

The dictator

The spirit is locked up in a cage and also in an absolute judgment, nothing more passes, the other does not exist, it is with itself, humanity has lost its meaning, the soul no longer sees the glow of the sun, the dictator is in Us

here to seed love

Love is not everywhere, you have to look for it, where humanity is, it is not as far away as we can think, it is not as far as we can believe, but here, where we sow it…


We all have a little demon inside us. let’s try to stop it, let’s try to imprison it from our thoughts, to free what is wonderful in us…

Badbaby by Serj Ety’n

modern solitude

Modern times push us towards selfishness in all these forms, we are blind and deaf to what is happening around us, the disease of our centuries is installed the “Modern Solitude” now in the big metropolises many people live in the ultra loneliness, they forget that there is a remedy for all this “give to receive”


Nowadays everything goes very fast, we are busy with our self-satisfaction, we don’t care about the people around us, we forget the essentials, that’s how “I love you” becomes more and more ONE forgotten word.

Sinner man

Today I woke up with this song in my head, “SinnerMan” from the Ballet “Revelation” by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. The inspiration came to me from a silhouette with a barbed wire crown…